6 Top Tips to Find the Perfect Storage Location

When you want to make the jump and start storing your stuff offsite, it can be a little hard to know where to look. There’s a whole host of things you need to consider, but luckily for you we’ve put together a simple 2-minute read that talks you through everything you need to know.

Create an inventory of everything you want to store

The first thing you’re going to need to do is create an inventory. It’s no use renting the first storage unit you find and crossing your fingers that it’ll be big enough. Take the time to list everything you’d like to get rid of for the time being, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal storage solution.

Figure out the items you need quick access to

There’s going to be a whole range of items you decide to move, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all be as useful as one another. The Christmas tree only needs to be used once a year, but your old paperwork could be needed all year round. This means you’ll have to put a little bit of thought into how you want to organise things. With the most important bits and pieces near the front, and the ones you might only need every few years in the far corner, you’ll start to get an idea of how much space you’re going to need.

Estimate the total packing size

Next, you want to estimate how much space everything will take up when it’s boxed up and sealed. This isn’t an exact science, so you don’t need to worry about an inch here or an inch there, you just need to have an approximate figure to work with.

Add a little extra to account for air circulation and ventilation

Remember that you don’t want boxes pushing against all 4 walls and the ceiling — that’s just going to create more problems than it solves. Not only will it make it near impossible to find anything without scattering half your stuff outside, it’ll also give rise to damp and mould if there’s no room for the air to flow.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

Now that you know how big a unit you need, it’s time to start asking around for recommendations from friends and family. If they’ve used a service like our’s you’ll find they’re all to happy to recommend us again. And even if they haven’t used a storage facility themselves, they’ll have all sorts of ideas about how you can use it that you haven’t come up with yet.

Search for experts in your local area

Last but not least, you need to start searching for local experts in your area. We have a whole host of solutions near you, and our expert team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Just make sure you choose an option that’s within your budget, easily accessible, and offers you plenty of room for future expansion.